Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Whither Reamus?

No one has asked, but a short post here will bring you up to date. I have been enjoying being home and finally getting my book edited, reviewed, and now after someone else proofreads it, it will be off to the publisher. There will be more about it here when it finally gets done.

I spend my days finishing that, catching up with some construction projects that needed doing, fighting a rear guard action with the IRS over what is a minor problem but seems to have reached Biblical proportions as we shove various pieces of paper back and forth and can’t agree as to who has the correct arithmetic.

There is a fall trip planned to the Oregon Coast if everything falls together soon. I hope to leave in late September or early October. They actually have some lovely weather there then most years, although after this last trip, I plan to take lots of water repellant clothes.

La Coachasita has spent most of her summer in hospital having various things diagnosed. Nothing serious as it turns out. She was home with me for two weeks but is back now to have a fitting replaced on one of the air ride bags in the rear which developed a slow leak. The fear of steering pump repairs and transmission failures have been allayed and she is wearing her nearly 105,000 miles well. A waxing and a good cleaning inside makes her look like a new van.

As the masthead on the blog here says, this is mostly about the places I go, things I see, and the people I meet, so the words in between are often scarce. When I get back out there amongst them, I will no doubt find new things to tell about and describe.

I hope all of you have had a wonderful summer and a cooler one than we have. This is supposed to be paradise and if it is, it was a very hot one this year, I have recovered now, but life without air conditioning became a challenge for a month or so. Somehow, north of here in the only big fire to date, they managed to burn more square miles than are covered by the City of Chicago. It was mostly in the Los Padres National Forest and it burns still. It is not fully contained some six weeks after it started. When the rains this winter, it will not be a fun time for anyone up there i the hills.

Stay well, do good works, be nice to one another, and you will hear from me from the road in a month or so.


  1. Thanks for checking in, Reamus. I just assumed you were reading and writing.

    Some of those burning hills were above the Huntington Library in Pasadena, a place we're familiar with, so it meant something to us.

    And Bobby Scales, the minor leaguer the Cubs called up at age 31, is back up again. The Cubs have decided (correctly) that they will not catch the Cardinals (they're losing 9-4 as I write, even though the Cardinals lost early today), so why not give the farm guys some playing time at Wrigley?

    Looking forward to your book and your trip to the Northwest.

  2. Sempringham,
    I am rooting for Bobby Scales! Perhaps he will do well and get traded out here. The Padres are essentially a AAA ball club anyway. The Cubs were not, sadly for the faithful, going to catch the Cardinals after the first two months.

    Thanks for stopping back later in the month.

  3. Thanks for the update, Reamus. As your faithful but unpaid editor, I must hasten to point out that what you really meant to say is "Whither Reamus?" At least, that's what I think you meant to say, unless the subliminal message is that you have run out of Viagra.

    We're all looking forward to reading what I'm sure will be a fascinating book if it's anything at all like your blog.

  4. Good luck with the book. I'll check for updates. GMB/PissedinNYC

  5. Reamus, You know I am always interested in reading what you write about the places you see and the people you meet, but today - today the prize must go to rhymeswithplague's comment which made me giggle...actually it made me spew my coffee out my nose, but that doesn't sound very ladylike...

  6. @Ann,

    Yes RWP, my unofficial editor, always has a comment that can send coffee up a nose or something. He is a dear man however, whatever his faults. He even has the ability to have total recall of very old songs. It is quite astounding! He will be delighted to know he made you laugh for whatever reason.

  7. @GMB,

    Thanks for coming by!...will be over your way again soon.

  8. Haven't done much posting, Reamus. But I did post some xmas ideas you may want to consider. GMB