Monday, October 12, 2009


We remain at Brookings Oregon, deciding it is a good place to ride out the storm coming this evening. Many of the neighbors have done the same. They are a happy and by now familiar buuch so if bad things happen, we all feel we we will be among friends. This morning we all scrambled out for the purposes of finding groceries, gasoline in case we need the generators, covered bycycles, and eliminated our used water, and tied things down.
The weather forecast is not vague. It willl rain by evening after dark and bcome heavy by midnight and totals will be between two and four inches. Winds at the coast will be 20 to 25 gusting to 40 kts with 50 kts in the passes above. The wind warnuings are posted for 3 AM through 2 PM tomorrow. The rain will continiue all day tomorrow and tomorrow night becoming showers on Wedsnesday and then lesser showers on Wednesday.

At present, it is overcast and until about 4 o'clock the wind was calm. It was altogether a very nice day, if overcast and the high 60's is something you can enjoy and I can. As darkness falls, the air is again calm and now is 50. There is a quiet that falls at this time everynight, but only the hardiest of souls are lighting any fires. Most have tied down what we can and are now contemplating the places that will flood and the possible leaks that could occur.

I have been through one other storm on this coast, yet have not experienced the wind in full throat as it will be later tonight and tomorrow. If the gust get as high as expected, how much rocking will depend on the oreintation of the van. I am not wholly sure of that at the moment, but if it remains dry in here I am sure it can't be as bad as being at sea.

La Coachasita is wearing here winter "curtains" over here single pane windows in the rear and closed up as tight as possible. We await the storm, which, if it runs as it is supposed to, should be gone by Thursday morning. The wind will move it quickly if it indeed comes as they predict.

She also awaits a further examination of her electrical system on Wednesday as that issue continues to plague her.

Two bycycling campers, common in this area, came in an hour ago. I admire their tenacity. I believe I would have sought a motel room tonight were I contemplatating a night like this under canvas. They appear seasoned and at least fiegned unconcern when ask. I am sure they know a great deal about this. I trust I will not see them leaving in the morning.

An Ark would be useful about now. We will have to do without.


  1. I will trade you the rain for this
    snow we have so soon in the year.

  2. Looking forward to hearing about it afterwards. Personally, the opportunity to experience something like this is one reason I like to travel. When a gale came up one year in the UP, we drove up to Whitefish Point for the express purpose of standing on the lake shore and seeing what it was like. The driving sleet sand-blasted our faces. But it was exhilarating.

    Now, having said that, it can also be dangerous. Be safe.

  3. Troutay---probably be 75 on Saturday...its that time of year.

    Semp--Been to Whitefish too, but never in a storm. We are really getting hammered, but had a break a few hours ago and got to the bluffs. Ocean is anmazing. Taking 50 knot gusts at the harbor mouth and we are getting near 20. Pretty awesome, and made it back before it started again.

    Still dry and the sea anchor is out!

  4. We live up the Winchuck River just south of Brookings. Some wind last night! Kept the dog uneasy snuggling as close as could be. Blew the top off a window in our camper so drying out the bedding today. Even with not camping, we have to consider our camp equipment! Hope you faired well!

  5. Winchuck River---Thanks for stopping by...wind not so bad in the trees but a lot of rain and pine cones falling from great heights on the roof souunded interesting!

    Nice day today!

  6. Sounds like you are getting similar weather to what we had on the east coast this weekend. Ok, not as bad here, but boy was it cold, windy and rainy. It's going away. I hope you stay warm and dry, because wet and cold sucks, my friend. Good luck. GMB