Saturday, May 8, 2010


I am still enjoying the sunsets on Elk Lake in Independence Kansas. The damage to La Coachasita was more extensive than thought. They may make me mayor if I'm not out of town soon. I may be the only Californian that took spring break in Kansas. The dealer here has been most helpful and I have been able to drive, albeit slowly, for the past three days so have not had to seek housing. The initial part sent was defective, caused more trouble, and  Chrysler is now on the hook for the repairs.Thus, staying is more pleasant as a result.

We returned here to the park on Friday afternoon. The new parts from Dodge will arrive on Tuesday if all goes well and it will make this a good place to have a motel stop, do the laundry, and shopping. My warrior friend will be up on the lift for two days while machinations too complicated explain will be performed. I am not sure now where we will go from here. The Missouri park system has been annoying me by asking for reservations, I refuse to make them. I may go down into Arkansas after I find out just how bad the parks were harmed in Tennessee. Our ultimate goal is still the Smoky Mountains and then we will head north if we stay anywhere near the itinerary.

The weather has turned chilly and it will rain next week, so being indoors Tuesday and Wednesday doesn't sound like a bad idea. I will see television again then, I expect, and remember n why I haven't missed it.

There are a number of locals are here for the weekend, although it is still early for a full campground this time of year and I am sure that the fact that we went to 40 degrees last night from 60 the night before also might have something to do it. They are amusing  and friendly sorts who find the California license plates a bit mysterious. Some will spend Mother's Day here.I have been to most parts of the Wildlife Refuge, taking a long trip today out to where the birds were not expecting me and saw many that are not common around the campground noise. It is a peaceful and contemplative place of prairie grass and trees, many hollowed by the omnipresent woodpeckers, flickers, and occasionally used has places that eagles perch, steely eyed, looking for prey. The Blue Herons moved as the number of people increased. It is almost as if they know it is the weekend. I enjoyed the quiet and again was reminded how pleased I am to have found it.

When I get the rest of the trip figured out, my faithful friend running properly again, and to a new destination, I'll be in touch.


  1. Heard a good story the other day that the Episcopal Bishop of Kansas tells on himself. He had just been called to be bishop, and was stopping at a diner in a small Kansas town. His previous diocese, as a parting gift, had given him a large, golden pectoral cross. Since the previous diocese was Dallas, you can imagine that it was a modest piece (not!) as it hung on his purple shirt.

    the gum-chewing waitress commented, "My, that's some piece of jewelry you have there!"

    "Yes, I'm the Bishop of Kansas," he answered.

    "Well, La-Ti-Da!" she replied. then, turning to the short order cook, called, "His Holiness here will have two over easy with bacon and toast!"

    Enjoy your stay in Kansas.

  2. Hope you have a nice stay and La Coachasita gets better soon. Pretty sweet that Chrysler has to pay for the part. There's that. Happy travels.

  3. I can't think of many places in which it would be worse to be marooned than Kansas, but there must be a few.

    Say "hi" to Bob Dole if you see him....maybe there is an Alf Landon Museum you could visit.

  4. If you ever get to Smithfield, North Carolina (somewhat east of the Great Smokies), you would also have the incredible opportunity of visiting the Ava Gardner Museum.

  5. Semp-- New one to me. Guess Kansas is just like that.

    GMB:--Yes the good part, the bad part is that I am still here and they have the van for two days. I hope they fix it, the tornado was not a pretty sight last night! Hoping to be out of here Thursday.

    RWP-- I am sure Alf is honored somewhere, but not here. I will keep Ava in miind!

  6. Holy shit! A tornado? Get the eff out of Kansas--and in one piece--Reamus. Sending you good thoughts.

  7. You could pass a lot of time in Independence, Kansas, just reading the entry for it in Wikipedia. Here are two facts from the article that you especially may find interesting:

    On April 28, 1930, Independence was the site of organized baseball's first night game. The Independence Producers lost 13-3 to the Muskogee (Oklahoma) Chiefs , its Western Association rival.

    Mickey Mantle played minor league ball at the Independence field.

    You're welcome.