Monday, December 20, 2010


Rest ye once merry Gentlemen

Every year, since 1992, Merill Worchester, owner of the WorchesterWreath Company has brought wreaths to Arlington Cemetery.
Until a few years ago, no one but the workers at the cemetery knew his name. He got the idea when he was 12 years old and a paperboy for The Bangor Daily News and won a contest and a trip to Washington. When he had extra, unsold wreaths one year he brought them to Washington and placed them in a small section on the cold granite headstones.
The project has grown, been publized and now everyione wants to help. Yet for many years Merrill bore all the expeneses and his family did all the labor.The truck arrived at dawn, they did their work and were gone.
"I just seemed like the right thing to do," said Worchester.


Rest easy, sleep well my brothers and sisters.

All is well, God is nigh....


  1. This is now being done at many national cemeteries around the country....a great idea.

  2. Michael, here's wishing you a wonderful rest of the year and all of 2011. Are you giving La Coachacita anything for Christmas?

  3. RWP: Why yes, she got a new roof drain in hopes she will keep me dry! She is in the nice warm shop for the holidays...get her back in January.

    have a Happy Holiday and a wonderful Christmas!

  4. All it takes is one person with a good soul. Thanks for this, Reamus.