Sunday, August 21, 2011



 This week one of my favorite blogs closed up shop for reasons known to its proprietor. Whatever the reasons, they are good enough for me. We get to do what we want here, which is part of the fun. We get to stop doing it as well, which is the freedom of this form.

 I have been reading “From the Front Porch” all the years I have been typing in this space. I was sent there by another photographer blogger who thought I, who travel the country so much, might enjoy seeing the extraordinary I came to love the imagesof the Montana landscapes so skillfully presented there most every day.

 I learned more of a cat (known to me as “my man Bob.”) a beloved dog Karl, a new companion “Bear” and the unique lifestyle of a computer consultant who has the freedom to work from home and enjoy life out of doors with a passion one must surely have to live to  fully understand.

Over the years, the proprietor gave us the quiet snow-silenced moments of the hills after a blizzard, deer in the meadow, squirrels on the prowl, barns in the fields, and the simple beauty of a house at dawn on Christmas morning.

The delightful series of pictures taken in all seasons from the same spot returning to the house she loves called, “The Road Home” inspired urban dwellers such as me to dream of the quiet life at the end of it in the rural beauty of the place.

I will miss all that each day. I will miss the inestimable, self-effacing good humor, whether on a cold a dreary February day or in the beauty of the glow of the sun on the mountains she shared with everyone on walks through the woods, first with her beloved Karl and now with her new friend Bear.

Of course, too, I will miss my man Bob.

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