Monday, September 12, 2011


A short post  to let anyone out there who might want to know that Reamus has changed his address.

When the blog first started, I wanted a simple URL, one that some of the few who read here when I am narrating my travels would find easy to locate in a search engine. I have never been pleased with "" and have always been waiting for the simpler "reamus" to become available.

It has. I've now had 12 messages from people trying to sell it to me for some princely sum. Let's just say it was a lot more than the ten bucks "Go Daddy" wanted for it and from whence I purchased it.

So, I have finally become simply"" It isn't a big thing in the great universe of things to be remembered, but it makes me happy nonetheless so there you have it.

I will still let you all know when something is posted, but for now, look at and you should find me, La Coachasita,  and Juan, The Gnome de Plume  when we are on the road.

We have been home three months. Major house renovations were done while I was gone which then required much attention to the final moving in to the new parts of the house and of course redecoration. A second novel has somehow found its way to an fourth edited version and may yet be published, assuming I have the will to do that in a few months and my two volunteer "editors" tell me it is a good story.

Plans for travel this fall remain unformed. There will be visitors here in October, so what trips I make will be short in September or longer in late October. My faithful iron maiden is  waiting patiently for the place to go and the time to do it all to come together.

Until then, stay well, be good to each other and stay in touch.