Monday, October 17, 2011


Fall is here. It's weather is sure to follow. It has become custom now to head north and see how the coast looks before the coming rains and cold. We will be home before the clocks change and in the oddity of the calendar and the law, they are to change on the first Sunday in November. This year that day is on the seventh of the month, as far from the front end as possible, so it has added an extra week to the daylight at the end of the day.

It is good to be going. It has been a busy summer this year.  It is time for a few weeks of Zen like moments and where better than on the Pacific Coast when the last of the warm weather is likely to occur.

All ask now where Reamus is headed and the answer is in the title. How far and and for how long is something I can't answer now because I do not know. Some look quizzical when they get that answer, some think it is an avoidance of revealing my true destination, others find it just rude.Those who know well of my peripatetic wanderings are often moved to question me further, suggesting various places I have been before as a destination, prodding me for a hint at where I will end the trip. The answer this year has been a shrug of the shoulders and a shake of the head. "Maybe," I say, "I'm not sure." There is resistance to a rhetorical destination, yet I understand why it is an unacceptable answer. Only a few go off for three weeks with no idea where they are going or where they will turn back, or even where they will stop for the night. I do. So there it is, not rude, just honest this time.

This trip will commence on Wednesday morning after the daily conclave of The Possibly Peculiar Men and Women at the local coffee shop where the usual complaints will be aired, truths will be shared, exaggeration may occur, and good fellowship will be found. The first night will be in the friendly and well travelled St Yenez Mountains east and north of Santa Barbara. After that nothing is certain except that Reamus, Juan,and  La Coachasita will be home by November sixth since an empty campground at four-thirty in the afternoon  is depressing when it is dark that early.

The time before that is a good one to reflect on the summer now gone, wonder at how the  swing was broken, why the toy discarded, and hear the echoes of the laughter of summer's children. We will be awed by the migration of the birds, the color of the trees, the harsh clear brightness of the sky.It is a good time to be with nature as she sheds the clothes of summer and makes ready for the winter not yet here.

As we find our way, I'll be in touch. In the meanwhile, be well, keep up the good work, and be good to each other.


  1. Happy trails, Reamus. I think it's cool that you don't know how far north you will be going. You'll know where you want to be when you get there.

  2. I will know, won't I? Maybe I'll swing by Tengrain's for a cup of his fine vodka. He did offer.

    More when I get where ever...

    Best Reamus

  3. It helps tremendously that you take your own motel and restaurant with you wherever you go.

    Bon voyage!

  4. Definitely go an meet Tengrain. I was supposed to meet him about a year ago, when he was scheduled to come to DC. Sadly, the flu intervened, and he could not leave his sick bed.
    Have a fun trip.