Saturday, August 25, 2012

Neil Armstrong

We all felt as if we knew him. He was a government employee who became an American hero back when such things were  fashionable. His words will always be remembered, his flag remains on the moon as does that first footprint, that  giant leap for mankind.

I visited the small town of Wapakaneta  where he grew up just south of Lima Ohio. They built this  place to remember the extraordinary journey of this steely-eyed naval aviator and honor all the Ohioans who have gone into space. More have been born or educated there it is said than in any other state. 

It is a quiet and contemplative place, now a memorial to his life.

Godspeed, Neil Armstrong.


  1. He had set an example of courage and guts to take the first leap and put his step on moon that made him immortal .....

  2. indeed. We will all remember him to the end of our days, and those following will as well. He was a real hero in the truest sense.

  3. No one ever thought of him as "Neil Armstrong, government employee" but you're right; that's what he was.

    How sad that our space program has been gutted.

    But not nearly as sad as losing Neil Armstrong.