Sunday, February 10, 2013


The winter has taken its toll even on those of us living in paradise. A series of unexpected events and a new book (yes, Reamus always seems to be writing a new book ) has kept me from doing anything in this space. I still stalk the blogs and enjoy reading as many as I can.

You may note that I have had to add moderation and bar anonymous posts. I have been hit by a growing number of bogus bloggers and websites that do not seem to be as they appear. Wish we could all just get along.

Meanwhile, "Truck Day" has occurred for all major league teams and the first players will report today. My annual pilgrimage will occur in late March this year. I am looking forward to the rites of spring, ignoring  all comments about drug use and I will try enjoy the game I have loved all these years for what it is:Grown men playing with sticks and balls they should have put down when they reached their twenties. If they enhance their performances somehow, that's their problem and will have to deal with it if they ever grow up.

As always it will be fun to watch the very good, the good enough and the ones headed for obscurity under the warm Arizona sun.


  1. I enjoy your travel logs, hope for more this year!

  2. I wish we had some of that warm Arizona sun around here. Today (Feb. 20th) will see us all wrapped up in layered clothing, gloves, and overcoats and sitting in forty-something0degree weather at 1:00 pm to watch the opening game of my oldest grandson's second varsity season, River Ridge HS vs. Woodstock HS. He's a junior. He turned 17 last week and is hoping for a baseball scholarship to college in another year. His coaches have been very encouraging. Today also happens to be our son's (his father's) 47th birthday, and he is taking the day off from work to see his son play, so we could hardly bow out gracefully. Not that we wanted to. But I'd still like some of that warm Arizona weather.

    It's good to see you blogging once again.

    1. He needs to go to ASU in Phoenix. Bestt baseball in the country and then you can spent February away from the horrible weather and enjoy!

      Still working on the book so the blogging will wait another month. Still hoping for the spring training trip and drop by your place when I can. Goood luck to Grandson this season!

  3. Inauspicious first game. They lost 4-3 even though they scored 3 runs in the top of the first and led 3-2 for the rest of the game, all the way to the bottom of the 7th (last inning in H.S. ball). Grandson reached first on an error, had 2 RBIs and scored a run, but his stats for the game were 0 for 3 or 0 for 4, I forget which. Froze my bippy off, but I could do with less bippy.

    ASU is an interesting suggestion. Are Eastern states in their scouting range? Grandson also played in an East Cobb league last summer, which is top of the heap in these parts.

    Have you a working title for your new book?