Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Except for the New Year felicitations this week, there has been no post to this blog since February of last year. I am both amazed that it has taken me that long to get to it and that I yet have anything to say.

Readers here in the past will know, Reamus posts when traveling or has some strange human interest baseball story to tell either during the World Series or Spring Training. The February post was about the beginning of spring training and I found most of what happened in baseball during the so-called Championship Series, except for the mighty efforts by the Pittsburgh Pirates who achieved their first winning season in 23 years and reached the first round of the playoffs in one year too predictable to write. Oh, there were moments when I thought the Detroit Tigers would prevail but either through my own ennui or because everything went according to script without some heroic rookie or grizzled old veteran performing way beyond their talents, the game seemed predictable last season. Those who deserved to lose did and the best team won. The “lunchbox” team from Boston as they like to be known with enough pitching a few remarkable moments of drama and an adequate defense won it all. They were picked by few of the experts but most of the savants that I drink coffee and other beverages with everyday from the beginning and that is the way it ended. Good for them and a yawn from me.

I enjoyed the Red Sox as a team this year, yet I am not a member of the Red Sox Nation so can only rise to a certain contained level of glee when they do so very well.

As for travel, there has been little. Since the Great RV Incident of 2012 when my beloved La Coachasita rolled quietly into the ditch by the side of the road I have been having an inner argument as to whether I want to invest the time and money into such an endeavor again. I am no younger and while not in any worse health I am not sure how ready I am to outfit another van to go out and see the country, wrestle half frozen water lines, and do the day to day things an RV requires. I miss it, I admit to that. I miss the wonder of the things I saw once I got there and the peace that it brought, which was almost Zen-like. Yet other endeavors have occupied me until now and since I would never be out there in the winter, I feel no compulsion to do it now. When you have the sort of weather I enjoy in this part of the country and views like those posted here to wake to most days, it is hard to leave.

Reamus and the woman who lives here with him (who wisely forever refuses to be known as Mrs. Reamus) did take a trip to Carmel in more conventional transportation. We visited eight of the old Missions founded by the Spanish here in California in the 1700’s when all of this was theirs. It was a lovely adventure, although the coming and going from a motel every night seemed more onerous than I enjoyed. We did pretty well with it by the sixth day but it is harder than having my “house” right behind the driver’s seat. There is a nascent plan to go east when the spring comes to see family and perhaps attend a reunion.

So the traveling Reamus of the past eleven years may have posted his last small town visit while he is busy doing other things. Writing is my great passion and I exercise it now by writing novels. The latest was published this month (fourth book, third novel). Not good novels, necessarily yet I hope a good story worth a few hours of one’s time.

The last is a sequel to the one before, The Worlds of Harry Logan. It is a book about a man writing a book, a genre all its own now, I am told, known as meta-fiction. It is fun to write, fun to shape characters from the misty shadows of the imagination, live with them here for a year or so and then have them fade back into that amorphous place. In a few months I hope to find some new imaginary friends to share my office and I will do it all again. My publisher finds my marketing plan for this all very strange. It consists of sending copies to relatives, giving a few to local libraries, and mentioning it in the header here. This is a hobby after all, not something I need to put food on the table and doing more costs money.

So while I remain ambivalent about recreational vehicles and plan other trips, I hope for spring training in Arizona in two months or so. I am sure there will be something to say about that. 

Meanwhile, I hope you all are staying well, warm, and continue doing good works.