Monday, February 25, 2019


While I am  reasonably sure no one noticed, I have been away from  this Blog since 2017. The subject then was whether the Dodgers, on such a lofty perch three months prior could manage to blow the chance to got to the payoffs. 
They didn't. I'm sorry they didn't but then it worse than last year.

Such history is prologue . I am back after a series of maladies that a shall not bore you with but suffice to say I missed a number of holiday dinners and other festive events.

Readers with long memories will remember my travelogues with my beloved La Coachacita which is now rusting in an uncomfortable and sudden retirement somewhere in the state of North Dakota. I miss her, but the time to travel was done. I suppose a man who drove the equivalent of 25 circumnavigations of the earth at the equator can say that with some surety. (that's 250,000 miles+ for those who may be tempted to Google it).

It is fair to say that keeping up a Blog that no longer had any travel news for those who followed it led me to other endeavors. I have written two more books since then, the next will be my last. I have grown tired of that as well, well, perhaps it is fairer to say disinterested, or even that having emptied my head of four non-fiction books on the last 5 years is enough and the are fewer ideas rattling around in the dustbin of my brain that I feel compelled to put between covers or share via electronic books.

So then, it is far to ask, what is Reamus doing with his time? It is a fair question and one that I do not have to answer. Yet on these pages in future, I will try. The thoughts about these interests may be of no particular value to others but there is still much for me to wonder about and occasionally share with others. Then there is always the next book I can complain about.

As a famous man once said: "Just happy to be here."


  1. I noticed. I kept going back to your Memorial Day 2014 post and wondered why you had stopped posting. I do remember La Coachacita with fondness. I drove my 2000 Toyota Camry for 15 years and put 325,000 miles on it before bidding her/him/it farewell.

    It's okay not to give us a list of your maladies, but tell us more about those four non-fictions books, would you? (I say "us" in the hope that your audience will grow once again.)

    Glad you have returned.

  2. Hello, Michael -- How are things in Carlsbad, CA?

    I sent you an e-mail with a link to a new book about baseball that you might be interested in obtaining. It's on a religious blog I read regularly but I'm not secretly plugging the Christian blog, I just thought of you when I read about the new book today. Here's the link:

    I've put the link here as well just in case the e-mail address I used is no longer your current one.